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    Alexandra August
    April 15, 2023

    Ed was fantastic to work with! He took his time to insure the hardscaping was exactly what we desired. He was very responsive and timely with communication. We would highly recommend him! We are planning on having him back for our landscaping!

    Google Reviewer
    February 17, 2024

    I would give a lower star rating if possible. After paying $485.00 for snow removal, I called him wondering when he was going to clean the driveway. He said he only comes out for 3+ inches. I explained I had several inches in the driveway and it needed to be cleaned. With “attitude” he said “ no one is plowing yet” and refused to come. He had cleaned the driveway a total of 3 times all season since we haven’t had a lot of snow. He said if I want to pay him extra money for the gas he uses he will come. I was so shocked at his gaul. I ended the call. DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY. They are scammers.

    Joseph Heaney
    October 19, 2023

    Couldn't be happier with how my walkway came out. Price was great and the quality of work is excellent. Ed is a true proffesional and doesnt cut corners

    Rob Star
    June 28, 2021

    Please read before you use this company. I decided to go with Ground Force because this is a veteran owned business, I am a veteran as well. We met with Ed at our home and discovered we were deployed to the same location about the same time. I felt like I could entrust him with the paver walkway we wanted and landscaping. He was very professional at first, then we soon learned that this was just to get us booked. He changed the dates for the job several times. I was constantly having to call him for updates, rarely did he get back to me. There was ZERO communication as the time went by. We wanted to have a say in the type of plants and trees he put in because my wife wanted to have space for seasonal flowers. He kept saying no to what we chose, because of the roots might damage the walkway. We thought that was fair, but when we chose other flowers or bushes they would get sold out because he kept pushing the date back. We finally decided to buy a tree that we knew we really wanted, since there was only two left. We thought we would give him the receipt and he would deduct it from the price, since we were quoted for two small trees. He did not deduct it. It sat in the yard for a month before he finally came. He text me almost a month later and said he was going to drop off supplies and complete the job on Wednesday. A pallet showed up on our front yard in the evening of Wednesday which was upsetting because I took the day off just in case they needed anything or came across problems. He said they would start the following day, so I took another day off. His workers showed up the next morning and started on it while he ran around town and got supplies last minute. I stayed inside but was available for any questions which they did ask for approval on a couple things. We ok’d them and went back inside, coming out every now and then to give them water and ask if they needed to use our bathroom. They brought heavy machinery on our yard which we made clear we were concerned about our yard they assured us it was normal and I will quote the owner Ed said was the industry standard. Our yard got destroyed. Hundreds of dollars in seed and fertilizer went down the drain as they rutted up our yard. To add to it they threw piles of dirt in our yard. Thick piles over what little grass was left. The walkway came out flawed as we had discussed the walkway needed to be higher were it met the driveway. We still have to get a topcoat which is the reason we wanted it higher and he agreed they messed that up. The shape also had a flaw which he assured he would come back and fix when I called him back the next day to look at. When he did arrive his crew all got off, which was unprofessional because they were not needed since he said they would not do anything that day and it was beginning to rain. When I discussed the how unsatisfied we were with the treatment of our yard and our neighbors yard because driving the machinery on our yard wasn’t enough he made excuses to include the occasional chiming in from his workers. We kept going in circles about how destroyed the yard was, could’ve been they weren’t seeing what I was because either all or one of them reeked of weed. I was extremely disappointed in the owner and his unprofessional meeting with us. Nothing got resolved and as of now he isn’t returning my calls. He said he would call back a week ago and come by assuring us he would give us a new contract so we had the piece of mind that the correction of the walkway would get completed and to drop seed...he has not come back nor called. We trusted we would be able to resolve this with him but that doesn’t seem possible anymore. We will have to go down a more serious road with this business. If this is the treatment he gives a fellow veteran, I can’t imagine how he treats others. This business hides behind the sham that it’s an upstanding veteran owned business but it’s not. In fact it gives hardworking veteran businesses a bad name. I would recommend going with another veteran owned business or other company.Below is yard before and after.

    Kim Garrow
    June 09, 2021

    Love our new sidewalk! Ed and his team are top notch professionals and do great work! They even finished our project on the weekend because of a rain delay. I highly recommend Ground Force and Ed Forsthiffer!

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