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    Mark Gotham
    December 07, 2021

    Any fool can put paint on a house and that's just about all they did! I have painted houses for 50 years and have never witnessed such a sham of a job, a rip-off really. This job was performed on my elderly neighbor's home in Manlius, a house which I have painted twice myself over the years. She sees very little and asked me to be her eyes while the job was ongoing. A half-baked effort was made at power washing the house. No soap was used and the upper parts of the house were barely wetted. Very little scraping was done and NO priming was done until after the job was "finished." Yes, they sprayed paint directly over the bare wood exposed on the shake shingles and brushed paint over bare wood on soffit and fascia. Worker said to me, "you can't tell the difference anyway." WHAT??!! Anyway, the job was "finished" after dark that day, Saturday, Sept 25. Zack, who appears to be the foreman but whose honesty is lacking, truth be told, packed everything up and told my neighbor he'd be back next morning to do a walk around with her (remember, she can't see!) He never showed or called till Tuesday, when he came back with the owner to look at the issues I had with the job. Of course, all the bare areas that were painted over could not be undone, but even after Zack and another dauber came back and spent a half day on "touch ups" the job was not completed anywhere near satisfactorily, or at all for that matter. Areas missing paint, areas not scraped and primed, unrepaired wood, rotted siding shingles, still no caulk anywhere, overspray on glass, etc... Bad! Price? $7,260.......this for a very poorly done job which did not include windows or shutters, less than 8 gallons of paint, and certainly less than 50 man-hours of time. Because of the breach of numerous terms in his contract my neighbor is disputing paying the full amount. Hoxie offered $300 off "for the hassle." What a joke. The pics below were taken after the job was “finished.” I have many more that are representative of these. Useful Funny Cool

    k k
    April 14, 2023

    Very punctual fare price, terrible quality. Tried to contact company and have someone look at quality of work . Only the painter came and argued everything my wife and I were concerned about. Scraping of wood work,not moving items,pressure washing. The painter seemed to want to paint as fast as he could. Tried email,texting,and phone messages. Terrible company. I called them because they advertise 50 years experience. Just want to add that I paid him just to get rid of him. Please do not uses this company

    Tom DiCamillo
    August 08, 2022

    I wrote this review after we had the work done and stand by it - at that time. However, in July of 2021, I reached out to them about some paint that needed addressed that was chipping and under warranty. I also needed a little extra work done that I agreed to pay for. We signed the agreement and then nothing. I figured pandemic and worker shortage. Finally, after repeated phone calls, I finally spoke with Scott Hoxie on May 31 to address the issues. He had me text the contract - which apparently he did not remember. Again, I have been patient because of the pandemic. I have called repeatedly and actually drove to the site of the address - which was non-existent - and have had it. The lack of communication if just perplexing. I have been patient but now I have had it. I am hoping this gets someone's attention. ---------------------- Outstanding service, detailed, clean work area, came on a Saturday and Sunday to get job done. Extremely impressed. Affordable. This job was hard because it was aluminum siding that had been painted incorrectly years ago by a less than scrupulous person who took advantage of an elderly woman. Hoxie is family owned and managed. I called other companies and couldn't get responses or they had no idea how to tackle the job. I have no ties to this company but told them they can use me as a reference.

    Jeffrey Williams
    November 05, 2021

    Our experience with Hoxie's Painting was a nightmare. Everything seemed great at first, then everything went downhill fast as the project neared "completion". The only thing that seemed important was for the foreman to be "done" and to have his payment, and he was relentless about getting out of there. After a couple walkarounds having to point out glaringly obvious issues, we gave in and wrote a check. Later that day we realized the interior of our porch was not painted - this had been discussed multiple times and was part of the contract. Seeing this, we canceled the check because the contract had not been respected. Two calls and texts to Hoxie's to let them know of this issue with no response. Despite this notice and outreach, the company still tried to deposit our check. In the meantime, we realized the full scope of disregard for us as customers. In addition to the unpainted porch (which I ended up painting myself), most of the house appears to have a single coat of paint on it with poor coverage - not the contractually agreed-upon 2 coats we paid for. Damage in the form of excessive paint smears and drips on brick facade. Everywhere we look, there is a complete lack of commitment to quality. As a professional painter, the foreman 100% had to know this was the case, and we realized that we had been taken for a ride. Instead of contacting me, Hoxie's enlisted the same foreman who had cheated us to fix the problem. If the owner had ever responded, we would have been clear that this person was not welcome back. He first called my wife who could not speak at the time, then showed up unannounced and uninvited the next morning. By the end of the day, we had ignored 13 phone calls – calling, calling repeatedly. Extremely unprofessional. As this was happening, I left a voicemail and sent the owner a text saying this was not ok, please leave our house, and call me back immediately. When the owner responded 7 hours later, I let him know that we were now done with Hoxie's Painting and would not welcome the company back to complete the job. We would pay for what had been done, but would not pay for what had not been done. The owner offered to discount about 8% from the original fee, and I proposed to pay approximately 33% less than the original fee - based on my feeling that about 2/3 of the project had been completed. The owner agreed to my figure and I sent a text summarizing our conversation asking him to respond in agreement before I would send payment. He responded that night by threatening to sue me for nonpayment plus legal fees. To be fair, I invited the owner over to look at the house because he had not seen the issues in person. We had an honest conversation as I showed him the issues, incomplete work, and damage. He offered again to send somebody over to fix the issues, and I told him we were not open to that option. The owner said it would take a single painter “a few hours” to fix everything. I completely disagree with that assessment – for starters we feel the house needs another full coat of paint. The owner would not budge from his 8% reduction and implied that I was in the wrong because we refused to allow the company back to our home. In my view, it’s a privilege to have paying customers. And when we are misled, subjected to unprofessional behavior, and threatened legally, a company loses that privilege because we no longer trust that we will be treated with respect. In the end, we paid the owner his requested fee in exchange for a receipt indicating we had paid in full – making it clear that we were very unhappy. We likely lost a significant amount of money and will have to hire somebody to complete the work next year. At the end of the day, the legal threats, stress and headaches were simply not worth the trouble and we paid to make it go away. That's our experience.

    Lisa Pachmayer
    March 21, 2021

    Initially thought I had hired a great company based on word of mouth and after reading his reviews. Ended up taking him to small claims court. Poor quality and poor communication. Be Aware and Beware! In response to the contractor. This was 3 years ago, yet he just posts a response 3 days ago. I actually had paint peeling 3 months after he completed the job which was in August and no where near approaching winter as he states. My paint job was never resolved but the matter was resovled 18 months later. I wish Brendan all the best.

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