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    October 17, 2022

    I was an assigned client to one of the attorneys that is no longer with them and for her, I have nothing good to say. However, Mr Perez was helpful and understanding to my issues and was constantly trying to facilitate meetings and calls from my so called attorney. When she was removed from my case Mr Perez could not help me and I can only assume it was a conflict of interest for him as she did work for him He has been willing to help in any way he can. He has regularly wished me the best of luck going forward. They have a very nice office and friendly staff onsite. They speak Spanish and I think that’s great for those who may not understand English all that well. I wish them well for the future and hope that the woman that was on my case hasn’t done that much damage to his reputation or clientele. Thank you Mr Perez, and may better luck come your way sir!

    Faynier Barley
    August 24, 2022

    Worst Lawyer for Compensation mr Perez got my case to get Zero money after PMA totally took him to school stay away all he does is settle .update Mr perez told me to have a nice life will not represent me I asked to have that in writing was told to lie to the compensation board and say I fired him all lies ....people be aware

    William Pierret
    April 16, 2019

    There isn't enough that could be said about Attorney Jose Perez, PC. Hands down he is the best Workers Compensation Lawyer in the state. From the initial consultation all the way down to visiting his offices in Syracuse, NY. I would recommend Jose Perez to anyone who needs a Worker Compensation Attorney, because he doesn't treat you like a number. To Jose Perez and his staff every client matters. No one hopes or wishes to be injured on the job, but if you need a worker comp attorney don't hesitate to reach out to Jose Perez. He now has offices in Albany, Syracuse, Rochester, and Buffalo NY. Thank you Jose for a job well done!

    marcela florez
    June 03, 2020

    I had a bad experience hiring the services of the lawyer Jose Pérez. I hired him to carry out the process that must be done after getting married. Forms I-485, I-30 and I-765 had to be sent, and each one had certain requirements, I put my entire trust in limiting myself only to what the lawyer asked me because I assumed that if I hired a lawyer to carry The process is because he had to know all the information that was required, so I gave the lawyer all the documents that he requested. During the process of waiting for a response from immigration, the lawyer did not receive calls, he only answered a text message 3 days later, he did not even inform me that an immigration letter had come to his office, which months later I heard. After 6 months I received the denial of the I-485 forms because a document called affidavit was not sent, which the lawyer did not request and which said very clearly in the requirements that if it were not sent they could deny the case. Here I clarify that I read the requirements after I was denied the case, because once again I affirm that the idea of ​​hiring the lawyer was because I did not consider myself with the necessary knowledge to carry out the process on my own. So I basically paid him to fill out the forms because he didn't even know what documents were required, they even denied me the I-765 form too. I lost time and money! I would not recommend the lawyer José Pérez and his team under any circumstances. lousy customer service. I know that you or your office do not control the approval or denial of the applications, what you could control and for what you hired it was to verify that the requirements that immigration requests for the form I-485 were complete. Immigration clearly states that the reason the petition was denied is because the form I-864 (affidavit) was not included. It is not true that it was denied due to a change in the public charge policy, the public charge policy came into effect on February 24, 2020 and my application was sent in September 2019. What is true is that due to the fact that immigration denied form I - 485, I must make a new application and obviously I must adhere to that policy, what which means that I must pay the form fee again and add form I-944. I have several reasons why I did not accept your appeal proposal: 1. I don't trust your work 2. the estimated response times of the appeal and adjustment of status are the same, so I risked making the appeal and waiting 6 months or more and that the appeal would not work in my favor, because clearly in the instructions to fill out the The form says that one of the requirements is to send the affidavit and if it is not sent they could deny the case, and I did not send it, then by law they are right, that way I would lose more time; On the other hand, if I applied for the I-485 again, but sending the complete requirements, I was going to wait the same 6 months for the response. 3. I Hired the services of another attorney. For the services provided, I paid 3,230 as follows: 1,500. (One thousand five hundred dollars to start the process and 1,730 (one thousand seven hundred and thirty dollars) to send the documents. The I-130 petition is in force, it is true and the fee is $ 535, that is, I pay $ 2,695 for this request! How much more do you want me to pay you? I am very clear that you are not competent and the reasons why I did not want you to continue representing me, my intention with this comment is not that you try to wash your hands affirming things that are not, what I want is that the People who read it know why I do not recommend it.

    November 24, 2018

    Jose is hands down the lawyer you want to fight for you’re case, I was mind blown how good he was and how he fought my case ! He is the best!! I could not thank this guy enough , very grateful to have had him in my corner.

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